Technical Support

This page is a resource for troubleshooting technical problems (computer, etc.) while you are in Japan. Please add your own experiences and information to this page as you see fit! General Information If you have absolutely no clue and you are at school, consult your JTE or another teacher for help. Each school usually has […]

Phoning Home

As your parents or friends are certain to want you to call home once in a while, consider some of the following tips when you’re calling. Country Codes Country codes for countries that most JETs come from are as follows. Australia 61 Canada 1 Ireland 353 Jamaica 1 New Zealand 64 Singapore 65 South Africa […]

Cell Phones

Advantages Social communication in Japan is almost entirely conducted on cell phones (keitai), so it’s practically mandatory to sign up for one. Plus, with a Japanese cell phone, you’ll be able to: Send and receive e-mails (by far the cheapest way to communicate) Access the internet: weather, news, Google Use GPS maps, train schedules, and […]

Typing in Japanese

Windows Vista, 7 Start > “Control Panel” > “Clock, Language, and Region”. Click “Change keyboards.” Check “Add” and select Japanese. Mac users Go to “System Preferences”. Choose “International”. Click the “input method” tab. Check “Kotoeri” (the name of the Japanese input method). Check the “hiragana” box. (You may check the other boxes if you wish, […]