COVID-19 Home Quarantine Recuperation Care Packages

If you are active on Twitter and Youtube, you may have noticed some Japan Vloggers posting about the home recuperation care packages they got from their ward/city when they have tested positive and are quarantining at home for COVID-19. Examples of some people sharing their sets:  New Video// A peek inside what the Japanese Government […]

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Resources

While Japan is often touted as being a “safe country” it is important to acknowledge that many serious crimes still occur here . This particular post will contain resources in addressing how to report assault, specifically sexual assault. It is recommended that you read National AJET’s post on Sexual Harassment  to familiarize yourself with your rights and situation in Japan. […]

Mental Health, Counseling and Support Groups

In times of serious stress it can be good to contact a professional counselor or the peer support line. Sometimes isolation, physical or linguistic, can make simple problems very stressful, and sometimes very disheartening. Rather than letting problems get on top of you, have a look at these options and find the right one for […]


The following link will take you to a personal narrative of a JET Program Participant who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS during their tenure on the program. While it is unlikely that the author is the only HIV-positive JET Participant in the program’s history, this may be the first attempt to fully document the experience of […]


Taking care of vaccinations can be quite a challenge and expensive in Japan. Because many vaccinations are illegal in Japan, many people will tell you that it is impossible to get certain vaccinations or that you don’t need them. Consult the US Center for Disease Control home page for the most up-to-date information. The Quarantine Center at […]


Insurance and costs Regular yearly gynecological checkups are covered by national health insurance. Kobe city sends a voucher for a free pap smear from participating Kobe clinics to female NHS recipients at ages 25 and 35. Tests are partially covered depending on what it’s for and why, but STD tests are not. Birth control is […]

Find English Medical Services and Resources in Hyogo

The following resources should assist you in finding an English speaking doctor, dentist or specialist. Hyogo Prefectural Medical Facilities Information System The Prefectural Medical Facilities Information System provides an extensive list of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drug stores, and midwifery centers in Hyogo with staff that speak foreign languages. The medical facilities are categorized by region […]