A Vegetarian’s Guide to Hyogo

So you’ve just received your placement and your vegetarian belly has called out to you “But what am I gonna eat there?” Don’t worry! This guide will show you typical Japanese dishes you can order, useful vocabulary, and a few restaurant recommendations. Helpful Vocabulary 肉 にく(niku) This is the kanji for meat and all kinds […]

Food Shopping

Foreign Buyers’ Club (FBC) You can buy almost anything from this store: salsa, olives, blueberry pie filling, lentil soup, cheese, contact lens supplies, condoms, cold medicines, vegemite…and so on. They have-mail order catalogues, and a good on-line site from which you can order, or you can journey out and visit their store on Rokko Island […]

Types of Restaurants

Sushi(寿司) Conveyer Belt Sushi (回転寿司 Kaiten Zushi) Sushi travels around the restaurant on a conveyer belt. This is a great way to eat sushi because you know what you’re getting. There will usually be color-coded plates, each color representing a different price of sushi. Average prices range from ¥100 to ¥600 per plate. Expect to […]

Recommended Restaurants

Sushi Uoshin Sushi (魚心) They serve huge pieces of fish, sometimes many times larger than the rice itself, and the staff are really friendly. There is one just north of Hankyu Sannomiya (across the street from the McDonalds, a little ways up the street towards JR Sannomiya, on the ground level). Keep in mind that […]