Career Fairs & Job-hunting in Japan

One of the most stressful aspects about finishing your time on the JET Programme is finding a job whether it be in Japan, back in your home country or another country altogether. To read my latest post on post JET job hunting advice, please visit this post! This post will be focusing on finding a […]

After JET Guide

The JET Programme site has helpful information on the main aspects of departing the JET programme such as Pension Refund,  Reverse Culture Shock and Post JET Employment 

The Pension Refund

During our time on JET, we have been paying into the Japanese pension system. After we leave JET, we are eligible to receive a portion of this money back. There are two payments we are eligible for: the Pension Refund and the Pension Tax Refund. Although we are eligible for these, you will not receive […]

Status of Residence: Temporary Visitor

The following information has been taken from CLAIR’s 2014 After Jet Guide. CLAIR is not responsible for Visa issues and the following information should be useful only as a guide. To ensure that the following information is correct for your own situation, we suggest that you contact the Kobe District Immigration Office at 078-391-6377. If you […]

Goodwill Envoys

The Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoy Program (兵庫友好親善大使) was set up so that people leaving Japan can stay connected with Hyogo. All JETs who are returning to their countries in July are invited to become Goodwill Envoys, so if you are not recontracting, you should receive the invitation around May. If you haven’t received anything and […]

Certificate of Participation

Another document that you might need to get is a Certificate of Participation. Essentially, this is a bilingual document that certifies that you worked for your contracting organization on the JET Programme for your contract period. If you need one, contact your Contracting Organization and ask them for a Zaishoku Shoumeisho (在職証明書) If you want […]

Police Clearance Certificate

After you go back home, some programs in some countries will require that you get a police clearance certificate (犯罪経歴証明書). For example, if you want to become a teacher in New Zealand, you will probably need a police clearance certificate to become registered. If this is the case, make sure you get one before you […]