COVID-19 Home Quarantine Recuperation Care Packages

If you are active on Twitter and Youtube, you may have noticed some Japan Vloggers posting about the home recuperation care packages they got from their ward/city when they have tested positive and are quarantining at home for COVID-19.

Examples of some people sharing their sets: 

It is important to note that this service isn’t readily available to everyone and not every city/ward does this – though more and starting to as cases continue to grow. 

There are two main ways to receive these home quarantine care packages and it varies a lot depending on your living situation.

The first way is the easiest – If you test positive your health care office will contact you directly and ask if you want or need care packages during your self isolation period (5-10 days).  In principal this should happen to anyone who tests positive but since cases are rising rapidly in the prefecture there may be some delay or no contact.  
The second way is to contact your health care office and ask if they can send the care packages to you.


Care Package Contents:

Care Packages typically contain 5 days worth of groceries / food stuff (non-perishables), sanitary items and a rental pulse oximeter. Contents will vary between different cites and wards. Image above is the general prefectural care package. 

Not all wards/cities will have a website on whether they do or do not have these packages but if you search any of the following terms with your city/ward name you might be able to find a site with information. “自宅療養者等支援サービス”  “自宅療養中の方へ食料品等” “自宅療養支援セット”

Here are some of such sites for cities or wards in Hyogo:
Kobe City :

The Health Office will contact you directly 

Sanda City:

You apply for the package here

Itami City:

You need to contact the health office directly.

Inagawa Town:

You need to contact the health office directly

Nishinomiya City:

You need to contact the health office directly (they note it’s limited)

Shiso City:

The Health Office will contact you directly 






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