Undercover Boardom

We have another guest post from Chi, a senior high school ALT living in Ikuno. She does something a little sneaky with her boards! Check it out! Chi says… I’ve been doing posters about the school clubs. I basically infiltrate clubs and experience training/activity with them for a few sessions and then interview the students. […]

Exam Boardom

Hi boarders! I’m Erika, another crafting-obsessed ALT. I often have downtime in between lessons and planning, and use it to work on my English board. Here’s what my board usually looks like: I have a few regular features: ☆ Mailbox My school is pretty low level, and many students are too shy to speak with […]

More Boardom!

Hello all, It’s Whitney, your Hyogo AJET webmaster, here. I am very excited to upload another guest post from English Boardom. This time we will be looking at some vibrant material from Ashlie. Enjoy and be inspired! Basically I have one main board that catches the attention of students with a little English on it […]

Round 1: -ed vs -ing

Be honest. Do you ever feel like screaming when your students write the following sentence: “I played baseball (or whatever sport) yesterday. I was tiring.” T-I-R-I-N-G. No. You were not. You were tirED. The thing is, the students aren’t the only ones to get this wrong. I have had teachers admit that the whole -ing […]

The Future

So, right now, your 3rd years are getting ready to graduate. They’re going to move up and out and they are STOKED. And so are you. But you’re also sad. So, so sad. Therefore, you are going to make a sappy bulletin board telling them how much you’re going to miss them and how they […]