Sanyo Railway’s Autumn Viewing Guide

Sanyo Electric Railway (a railway in Hyogo that runs from Himeji to Osaka) has published their recommended autumn leave viewing spots  between Himeji , Akashi and Kobe.  This year (2018) it has been reported that the better time to view pretty leaves will be late November – early December because Japan had a longer warmer period this summer-autumn .

Here are the recommend viewing sites

Suma Rikyu Park

Closest Stations : Tsukimiyama Station,Suma-dera station
Recommended Viewing Time: Mid November – Early December
Main points : There will be an “16th Momiji Viewing Session” (November 16th – December 2nd) where they will illuminate the leaves at night + there will be tea ceremonies and a candle night.
Entrance fee : Adults 400yen,  Students 200 yen
Opening time 9am to 5pm, during illumination period it will be open till 7pm
Closed days : Thursdays (November 22nd, November 29th)
Homepage :

Suma Temple

Closest Stations : Suma-dera station
Recommended Viewing Time: Mid November – Early December
Main points: you can enjoy the autumn leaves around traditional sites. The autumn leaves can also be seen from Karmon Gate to Gempei Garden. It is also said online that this site is not as crowded as other autumn viewing places.
Entrance Fee : Free
Opening Time : 8:30am – 5pm

Myohoji Temple & area

Closest station : Itayado Station
Recommend viewing time : From November
Main points: In autumn you can enjoy the surrounding autumn leave scenery provided by the area’s mountains.


Closest Station: Itayado Station
Recommend viewing time : Late November
Main points : Within the grounds there are naturally many old maple trees as well as on the mountain behind the temple. The temple is also called by the nickname of “Momiji (autumn leaves) Temple” because of the particularly beautiful leaves. Additionally, this temple is also well known around the country as an “inn” for sparrows. [x]

Former Residence of the Kinoshita Family

Closest Station: Maiko Park Station
Recommend viewing time : Late November
Main Points : you can read about the significance of this site here [x]     The site has a garden with several maple leaves.
Entrance Fee : Adults 100 yen , Elderly 50 yen , Students free
Opening Times: 10am – 5pm , closed on Mondays

Taisanji Temple

Nearest Station: Sanyo Akashi Station
Recommend viewing time : Mid November
Main points :  In autumn, the colorful leaves of Taisanji temple including those of maple trees are particularly beautiful in reflecting the charming colors of autumn against the crimson red background of the more than 700-year-old main hall and three-story pagoda. Crowds of visitors visit the temple as a famous place in the Kobe City that is preeminent in the beauty of the autumn leaves.
Also, near the temple is a natural radium spa called “Taisanji Nadeshiko Bath,” and it is especially enjoyable to enjoy a mineral bath when taking an excursion for viewing the autumn leaves. [x]
Entrance Fee : 300 yen
Homepage :

Koko-en Garden

Nearest Station : Sanyo Himeji Station
Recommended Viewing Time: Mid November – Late November
Main Points: From the 16th of November to the 2nd of December there will be an illumination event , concerts will also be held around this time at the site.
Entrance Fee: Adults 800 yen, Students 150yen // With Castle price: Adults 1040yen , Students 360yen
Opening Times : 9am to 5pm , during the event till 9pm

Mount Shosha

Nearest Station: Sanyo Himeji Station
Recommended Viewing Time: Mid November – Early December
Main points: From the 16th of November to the 18th of November there will be a “Mountain Momiji Festival”. Important cultural assets which are usually not available to the public will be put on display.
Entrance Fee (voluntary) : 500 yen
Opening Times: 8:30am to 5pm – During November – December it will open till late



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