Home Phones

In recent years, it has become a question whether home phone lines are even necessary. Many people do not sign up for home phone service and only use their cell phones.

With that said, if you are interested in a home phone, see the following information.

Buying/Renting a Phone Line

The way phonelines work in Japan has changed. For information on how to buy or rent a phone line, visit NTT’s English page: www.ntt-west.co.jp/service_guide/1telephone/telephone02.html

English Phone Books

There are two English phone books available in Japan, the Japan Yellow Pages and Town Page. If you are going to buy a copy, the Japan Yellow Pages is probably the better of the two. Both offer a free online version, but the Japan Yellow Pages’ listings are pretty much limited to Tokyo.

Japan Yellow Pages

Phone: 03-3239-3501
Fax: 03-3237-8945
URL: www.yellowpage-jp.com
E-mail: yellowpage@yellowpage-jp.com
6 mos (1 edition) – ¥2,100 + ¥430 (postage)
1 yr (2 editions) – ¥3,150 + ¥860 (postage)

You can also find the Japan Yellow pages Junkudo and other book stores in Kansai

Directory Assistance

NTT Directory Assistance

Domestic Calls: Dial 104
International Calls: Dial 0055

NTT Information Services

General information service which gives telephone directory assistance and answers questions on how to get things done and who to call. They will also assist with calls to the 119 emergency services.
Phone: 0120-36-4463
9:00 am – 5:00 pm, M-F

Domestic Calls


Phone: 0120-36-4463
URL: www.ntt-west.co.jp

The basic NTT service tends to be expensive, unless you use it to make local calls only. Even then, it is often cheaper to use your cell phone instead.

You can get an itemized listing of your phone calls sent to you for free from NTT. There is a small charge, however, if you want local calls listed.

If you use your home phone a lot to make local calls, you should probably consider one of the following two deals:
Area Plus
o Allows you to be billed local calling charges to adjacent areas that are otherwise charged as long distance calls.
o ¥200/month
Time Plus
o Makes local calls ¥10/5 min instead of ¥10/3 minutes.
o ¥200/month

World Link

World Link offers very cheap domestic phone calls in Japan for mobile phones and land lines. Go here for their contact information.

Internet Phone

Now, most companies offer phone service along with your internet. For more, see the Getting Internet page.

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