Word in Japanese

So you want to use the computers at work. Better yet, you want to type up a document on the work computer, but everything is in Japanese. For the most part, Word in Japanese is the same as Word in English.

For those of you  who are still getting used to Office 2007/2010, it can be a bit confusing, but if you can remember where everything is then you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Start by looking over the headings on the top of the Word document. They should be:

ファイル = File

ホーム = Home

挿入 = Insert

ページレイアウト = Page Layout

参考資料 = References

差し込み文章 = Mailings

校閲  = Review

表示  = View

アドイン = Add-ins

Thankfully, recent versions of Word include numerous icons and hover-over previews that should help you figure out what the functions on each tab do.

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