Love and Relationships: 40’s: The new black

Ok! So, he is tall, handsome, stinks of wisdom, maybe divorced once or twice, maybe closeted or out, has a kid who is a little younger than you are, middle or top management, knows the perfect wine to order, knows to make your toes curl without even trying, know his way around the bedroom and even other rooms, remembers when things were cheap and politicians were honest, has a little gray patch of hair which is as chic as a vintage belt you find in a shop downtown, in the middle or exiting his mid-life crisis (perfect!), not into anime nor cartoons nor video-games [good lord… don’t get me started on this….lol], doesn’t wear a t-shirt that says ‘’Oh, I live with my Mom and I have no intension of moving’’, and he loves his scotch on the rocks. This is the M.O. of a typical fabulous man in his 40s! The ones who seem to be in demand these days; the ones who seem to make my friends and me go crazy.

So, what’s the deal? Is it that the young boys don’t do it for us anymore? Is it that the young boys need a little more ‘driving experience’? Is it that ‘supply’ just doesn’t equal ‘demand’ in that FREE MARKET ECONOMY? The social scientists are still working on an answer for that. But, all we know is that age and experience trumps youth and inexperience every time!

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that a young boy doesn’t have a role or isn’t useful. Of course they do. These are the guys you drag with you to a party or a club as they can fetch your cocktails and give you a nice twirl on the dance floor; pair them with your boot cut beach shorts as they provide a nice accessory on the beach; throw on when you are going to a BBQ, and tag him along for a long night on the town.

But, if you have been through all of that and need a guy who fits nicely with that vintage black DKNY sweater at a cozy dinner for two; someone who knows what to wear to a black-tie event; someone who buys you flowers not because he wants to get laid or you threaten to break up with him, but buys you flowers just because he loves you and he’s such a gentleman; someone who has a cork-screw in his kitchen (and also knows what a cork-screw is); someone who doesn’t live with his mom and refuses to leave the ‘nest’; someone is interested in you as a person and not as a ‘toy’ (only :) ), well a guy in his 40s would be ideal for you.

Oh come on! Am I the only one who feels this way? Can I get a TESTIMONY? :) But seriously, I can’t explain it, but there is something ‘magical’ about a 40-something guy. Maybe it’s an illusion we create in our heads: or we have ‘father issues’ (who doesn’t??); or it’s a weird-control-mechanism-thing where we feel superior because we are YOUNG and he is ‘’NOT’’ and we are the prized possession that he has. And you know what people do with prized possessions? – They cherish them. Maybe that’s it! In the end, we want to be cherished, treasured, and treated like precious stones and delicate flowers. And a ‘NOT SO YOUNG’ guy knows how to do this. He understands this concept. He has been schooled sufficiently and now he is applying his knowledge on us, the specimens. Then again, I could be wrong and all this ‘theory’ could be as a result of all the Indian food I’ve been eating. :) But one thing is sure, it feels good.

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