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Kicchiri Kitchen: Sukiyaki

A traditional, delicious, one pot meal to keep you warm this autumn!

(serves 3 – 4)

600 grams thinly sliced beef (gyuniku usugiriniku)
1 bunch chrysanthemum leaves (syungiku)
1 pack of enoki mushrooms (thin, long, white mushrooms)
1 pack of shitake mushrooms (medium, round, brown mushrooms)
1 onion
2-3 leeks (shironegi)
1 carrot
2 packets of udon noodles
1 packet grilled tofu (yakidofu)
eggs – one per person

seasoning –

1 cup soy sauce
1¼ cups sake (cooking sake or any drinking sake)
½ cup mirin (sweet cooking sake)
3-5 tablespoons sugar

  1. Remove the stems/roots of the mushrooms
  2. Remove the roots of the chrysanthemum leaves and cut the bunch in half
  3. Cut the onion in half then cut into thick slices
  4. Cut the leek in pieces about 4 cm long
  5. Cut the tofu into about 8 square pieces
  6. Stir fry the beef with a little oil in a large pot – a sukiyaki pot is usually an iron pot with handles
  7. Add sugar, sake, mirin and soy sauce to the beef
  8. Add onion, leek, carrot and tofu, boil over a medium flame
  9. Once the vegetables are almost cooked then add the chrysanthemum leaves, mushrooms and noodles. Cook for about another 5-10 minutes
  10. Beat each egg in a small individual bowls
  11. If possible serve sukiyaki in the pot over a flame at the table. You should eat straight from the pot and dip each vegetable or piece of beef in the raw egg before eating. Enjoy with rice

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