Insurance and costs Regular yearly gynecological checkups are covered by national health insurance. Kobe city sends a voucher for a free pap smear from participating Kobe clinics to female NHS recipients at ages 25 and 35. Tests are partially covered depending on what it’s for and why, but STD tests are not. Birth control is […]

Find English Medical Services and Resources in Hyogo

The following resources should assist you in finding an English speaking doctor, dentist or specialist. Hyogo Prefectural Medical Facilities Information System The Prefectural Medical Facilities Information System provides an extensive list of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drug stores, and midwifery centers in Hyogo with staff that speak foreign languages. The medical facilities are categorized by region […]

Bringing Medicine to Japan

Illegal Medicine Tylenol Cold Nyquil Nyquil Liquicaps Actifed Sudafed Advil Cold & Sinus Dristan Cold (“No Drowsiness”) Dristan Sinus Drixoral Sinus Vicks Inhaler Lomotil Anything containing Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone etc This list is by no means definitive, and you should contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate nearest you to make sure any medication […]

Preparing for Winter

Seemingly overnight, office complaints in Japan turn from atsui! to samui! You may have your reservations about joining the choir of complaints right away, but eventually the charm of cool, fall weather will wear away and you’ll find that you can see your breath in your own home. You’ll learn to put certain items, such as olive oil, in the fridge to prevent them from freezing. There are plenty of these so-called “life hacks” to keep you on the side of sanity as you progress sluggishly through the long winter months.