English Speaking Lawyers

AKAGI, Fumio Phone: 078-321-5558 Fax: 078-392-1424 Address: Shinko Bldg., 2F 8 Kaigan-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0024 Specialty: maritime law and banking law Education: Ritsumeikan University, 1954, LL.B Memberships: Hyogo Bar Association NISHI, Masaru Phone: 078-994-3497 Fax: 078-994-3497 Address: Nishi Law Office 1-10-21 Akibadai Nishi-ku, Kobe 651-2224 Specialty: private international law and international transaction Education: Kyoto University, […]

Mental Health, Counseling and Support Groups

In times of serious stress it can be good to contact a professional counselor or the peer support line. Sometimes isolation, physical or linguistic, can make simple problems very stressful, and sometimes very disheartening. Rather than letting problems get on top of you, have a look at these options and find the right one for […]

Driving in Winter

Preparing your Car: Winter tires – studless, as studs are now illegal in Japan. Tread should be soft, with many wide rivulets clearly visible. Use low viscosity winter oil. This makes it easier to start your car. Replace wiper blades with snow-blades. Helps in snowstorms. Make sure to carry extra anti-freeze. In addition to its […]

Checklist for Leaving Japan

Organize the teaching materials you used for your successor. Designate a Tax Representative (for your The Pension Refund). Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, your keitai contract, your Internet service contract, car insurance contract, etc. Pay your bills! (Your office should help you with this.) Rent Electricity, gas, and water bills (Arrange ahead of time for […]