Volunteering Opportunities in Hyogo

For those who are interested in volunteering whilst on the JET Program , here are some opportunities for you! The organisations or initiatives currently listed are friendly for English Speaking people, so don’t be afraid to participate! If you would like to feature a particular volunteer initiative in Hyogo/Kansai – please comment or contact us!


While you may not see much news about homeless people in Japan, they definitely do exist and are in need of support!

Soup Kitchen

When : July  – Event info is usely posted in Hyogo AJET’s Facebook group
Where : Kobe (exact location will be announced closer to event date)
Who : Anyone ! (not just JET participants)

Animal Welfare:

If you’re a lover of animal of all shapes and sizes you may be interested in volunteering for these non-profit organisations!

ARK – Animal Refuge Kansai

When : all year round
Where : Osaka
Who : Anyone ! (not just JET participants)

Volunteers tasks include Animal Socializing, Kennel Cleaning, Dog Walking, Animal Care,Grooming and Fundraising

More info (in English) : Website

Heart Tokushima

When : all year round
Where : Tokushima
Who : Anyone ! (not just JET participants)

Animal care volunteers main responsibilities will be dog walking and socializing with the animals at the shelter.

More info (in English) Website 

Your local area:

Many cities will have a international organisation or a friendship association. They will often tell you about local events but will sometimes ask for volunteers for tasks such as farming and cleaning the local area. Make sure to let your local organisation/association know you are interested!

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