Hyogo Orientation Overview

Prefectural Orientation  aka Yashiro Orientation

(note: as of 2018 the orientation location is under review, thus the arrangement and coordination of the the prefectural orientation may change)

After attending the Tokyo Orientation , SHS ALTs won’t have too long before they are reunited for three days of fun at Yashiro Orientation. Yashiro Orientation is held in Kato-shi (formerly Yashiro-cho) at the “Hyogo Prefectural Institute for Educational Research and In-Service Training.” Even though they changed the name of the town, “Kato Orientation” didn’t quite have the same ring.

This orientation is organized by the Hyogo Board of Education, the PAs, and about half-a-dozen Volunteer ALTs. During the day there will be seminars about teaching, Japanese language, and life in Hyogo Prefecture, and in the evening you’ll get to hang out with other members of the Hyogo JET community.

Yashiro Orientation always gets mixed feedback from JET Participants. The food is not so bad considering it’s mass-produced (vegetarians, be ready for lots of french fries), and the kitchen staff double as a rock band for the party after the reception. Plus it’ll be your first chance to see all of the people you met in Tokyo, and this time you might have Facebook and Line IDs to share. On the other hand, the Teacher-Training Center has a very strict curfew: the cafeteria (the only place you’re allowed to drink alcohol) closes at 9:00, the doors are locked at 10:00 (be inside by then), and lights-out is at 11:00. This is a very literal lights-out-the center turns them off for you. Also, since the center is in a residential area, the staff will urge you over and over to keep the noise down.

Where It’s Held:
Hyogo Prefectural Institute for
Educational Research and In-Service Training
〒673-1421 兵庫県加東市山国2006-107
TEL 0795-42-3100(代) FAX 0795-42-5393
Institute for Educational Research and In-Service Training

Municipal Orientation

Municipal orientation, for JHS JETs in Hyogo, is a one-day overview of life in Hyogo and advice for new JETs. It is put on by the Hyogo Prefectural Government and the PAs. Contact your municipal BoE for more information on dates.

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