Recontracting and Transfers

In autumn, your school/BOE should give you a form with the title “JET Programme Re-contracting Procedures.” This is the form that you use to indicate if you want to recontract, apply for a transfer, or apply for a type-change. If you want to apply for a transfer and you haven’t received this form, talk to your go-between or email

When Do I Have To Decide On Recontracting?

All Senior High School ALTs will be tentatively asked if you wish to renew into a second year in December. This is to give CLAIR an idea of numbers, and also to make you start thinking about it.
Junior High School ALTs – you will not be asked in December, but will be asked just once in February.
Senior High School ALTs – In December, if you say no, then that will be your final decision, whereas if you say yes, you can change your mind later.

In December, if you are not 100% sure you will not recontract, please indicate that you are not sure. You will be asked for your final decision in February. If you eventually decide not to renew, your contracting organization may not like that decision, but it is in your and their best interests to be honest with them. Explain why you are not renewing. If you just say you will stay, and then drop out last minute, that may mean that your school will not get a JET in the following year.

Can I Change My Mind After Deciding Not To Recontract?

If you decide not to recontract and then try to change your decision, this usually will not be possible. In January, Hyogo BOE sends the numbers of new JETs required to CLAIR. Once this has happened, the numbers (and your decision to stay) can’t be changed.

How Many Times Can I Recontract?

In the past, JETs in Hyogo have only been able to recontract two more times (working on JET for a total of three years). As of 2007, JETs that are deemed to have exceptional work performance, experience, and ability will be allowed to recontract an extra two more times (enabling that JET to stay for a total of five years). This is only applicable to certain contracting organizations.

If you wish to recontract past your third year, you must obtain a letter of recommendation from your school principal.

Can My School Choose Not To Recontract Me?

Yes. The contract requires mutual agreement – regardless of the decision that you make, your renewal is still dependent on whether your host institution wants to recontract with you or not. FYI, your host institution will evaluate your job performance at some point, usually in January.

I Like JET, But I Want To Get A Transfer.

Unless you get married, need to live near a hospital that can provide a certain treatment that you can’t get where you live, or your position will be cut next year due to funding, you will probably not qualify for a transfer within Hyogo Prefecture. Inter-prefectural transfers are even harder.

If you do qualify, the deadline for an inter-prefectural transfer is usually in November, and the deadline for a transfer within the prefecture is usually in December. Also, no matter what your circumstances are, a transfer is never guaranteed.

Are There Any Reasons That Are Always Turned Down?

Yes, and we can almost guarantee that you will not get a transfer if you want it…

  • to study Japanese culture/language somewhere.
  • to live near a good friend.
  • because it was your original request when you applied for the JET Programme.
  • because your abilities are being under-utilized at your current job.

What About Changing from ALT to CIR?

There are two English-speaking CIRs (who are also the PAs) in Hyogo. The Hyogo CIRs are recruited directly from their home countries via the official CLAIR process. In the past, it has been possible for an ALT to become a CIR, but due to budget cuts, the ex-ALT CIR position no longer exists, and chances of an ALT-to-CIR type change are therefore slim.

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