Running in Hyogo

This page is a resource for running (marathons, etc.) in Hyogo-ken and Japan. Running is quite popular in Japan and races tend to be well organized, heavily participated, and a lot of fun.

Note that in Japanese the word “marathon” (マラソン) tends to be used to mean any length of race. Thus a マラソン could be anything from a 5k all the way up to a full marathon. Be sure to check before entering anything!

Running Resources

  • Runnet: Most of the registrations for races can be done through here. The process typically works like this: you register for the race, get a registration number emailed to you, then you can go to Lawsons and use Loppi to pay for and confirm your entrance. It is a really easy process, but everything is in Japanese so you may need some help, but even just basic Japanese should be plenty to get it done entirely by yourself.
  • Running in Okinawa: A blog run by a foreigner living in Okinawa. It has a lot of useful information for people running anywhere in Japan (including vocabulary).


The following are marathons in Japan, listed by the month they are held. Please feel free to comment your own into here!


Himeji Marathon

A full marathon, 5k,2k,1.5k,1k and fun run. Registration opens/ is throughout July.


Tokyo Marathon

Entry is capped to a certain limit so often a lottery is used to determine participation, so register as early as you can. Registration is usually open until the end of September.

Sasayama ABC Marathon

Normal registration is available in November, with late registration going into December. Fairly hilly course, with a huge amount of runners. It’s close and easy to get to from the JR Sasayamaguchi Station.


Kannabe Marathon (Tajima)

Includes a half-marathon, 10k, 5k, and Family Run. A very nice, slightly hilly course that can be quite a challenge if the weather is hot. Aid stations are nicely spaced. Free watermelon, tomatoes and barbeque after the race!

  • Registration can be done via Runnet. Just search for “神鍋高原マラソン”.
  • Registration usually closes by June.


Kobe Marathon

A full marathon . Application opens April to July

Fukuchiyama Marathon

A full marathon, 10k, 5k, and fun run. Registration closes around the end of September.

Tamba Momji Half Marathon

Half marathon, 10k, and 5k held in early November. Registration closes at the end of September.

  • Use Runnet to register. Search for “丹波もみじの里ハーフマラソン”.


Sanda International Masters Marathon

A half marathon held in Sanda (near Kobe) around Christmas time. Entry closes around the end of October.

Kakogawa Marathon

Full marathon, 10k, 5k, and family run (2k). Held around the end of December, so it’s easy to get time off from work if you want to have extra days off to rest after the event. Registration closes at the end of October.

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