Getting Car Insurance

Driving in Japan rapidly develops your handling and emergency braking skills. It teaches your heart to beat faster than it previously could. It gives you newfound respect for the immense size and power of trucks. There are three kinds of car insurance in Japan. Types of Car Insurance Compulsory: This is included in shaken charges, and […]

Buying a Car

In Japan, there is the usual assortment of cars you’d find in any country, but there is also a range of vehicles only available in Japan called K-cars or keijidosha (軽自動車) meaning ‘light cars’. They are the cheapest option, and are easily identifiable by their yellow license plates. The main advantages of K-cars are their […]

Checklist for Leaving Japan

Organize the teaching materials you used for your successor. Designate a Tax Representative (for your The Pension Refund). Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, your keitai contract, your Internet service contract, car insurance contract, etc. Pay your bills! (Your office should help you with this.) Rent Electricity, gas, and water bills (Arrange ahead of time for […]